UK January Covid-19 Lockdown must I still get my Compliance Done.

Stay at Home Notice

January 2021 now another lockdown in the UK.


Look on the bright side this is the best time to get your Compliance sorted and up to date.

I keep getting phone calls from potential customers trying to see if they can get away with not doing their Due diligence in their workplaces even their home businesses and HMOs and Rentals and blaming it on Covid-19 the simple answer is NO.

You have a Duty of care under the Electricity at works Act the EAWR 1989, PUWER, BS5839-1, BS 5839-6, BS 5266 Ect.  if you rent properties even 1 you’re a business and so many other acts and BS codes for which HSE and a Judge will just hold you accountable, ignorance of the LAW is no excuse under English LAW period.

Failure to meet the required Compliances for your business will and does lead to fines in the 10’s of thousands for small and large businesses.

What we do as an Essential worker organisation is keep you compliant, take the headache away from you, and do everything possible at the same time.

So for Peace of mind just give us a call it cost nothing to talk! But potentially thousands to get it wrong.

So Give us a call on 01487-813-600 for peace of mind and talk to us about getting the following sorted.

EICR (5 Yearly) business or less depending on the validity of your installation.

Home Rental ( 5 Yearly) or less depending on the validity of your installation.

Bi-Annual Fire Alarm Inspections, and Monthly tests.

Emergency Lighting ( Annual and Monthly Checks

Appliance Testing,

(now Requiring The duty holder to produce there own risk assessments for 01-09-2020)


Start 2021 the right way and get us to take away your Compliance headaches.