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Common Sense, insanity 20 mins later!

After Testing and Inspecting a School last weekend, the headmistress has asked us to start the remedial works immediately, the safety of my children is paramount over any financial concerns, Great at last somebody that puts safety before saving money ?
The next phone call was from the School accountant, can you not do it any cheaper ?
When will people learn Electricity Kills, it does not care about the bottom line, it does not care that you’re the FD of the organisation, it will without compunction Kill you, given the right circumstances.
In the case of this school 3 x C1, 145 x C2 and 6 x C3 codes, it’s been maintained by handymen over the years and odd job people that have fixed bits as needed says it all really.
Phoned the Headmistress and asked her if she wanted us to continue with the work Answer YES, Common sense prevailed again, don’t think she was at all that happy with the Accountant, we even advised her to go out and get three prices before appointing us.
Our price was actually in the middle, but she had decided to use us as we already knew the school and she trusted us, result common sense and sound thinking, there are some sesnsible people out there, unfortunalty the ones that normally control the purse strings, only think about the bottom line!
For Peace of mind get us to inspect and test your property before the inevitable happens, call us today on 0800 542 0638 it’s not a case of if, it’s a case of when; if you have not maintained it with properly qualified personnel.
In the present economic climate so many people have not carried out there due diligence, and failed to inspect at the proper times, hoping to get away with it, this is a disaster waiting to happen.