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To all the landlords who rent out properties, both privately and socially rented homes, beware the 1st of October 2022

To all the landlords who rent out properties, both privately and socially rented homes, it’s now only a few weeks away before you must have Carbon Monoxide C0 detectors within your properties or you will be liable to fines up to £5000

The due date is 1 October, yes there is no leeway you must have these installed by 1 October you will need to have CO detectors for the gas fires open fires boilers there is one exception gas cookers!

Why I have no idea? I could only wax lyrical and assume because people are normally standing at the gas cooker and cooking the fact that the gas ovens are left on for up to three or four hours depending on what you decide you’re cooking in it and you’re not there?

We’ll leave that to your imagination; I didn’t write the rules.

I started mentioning this over a year ago, to the housing Associations/Authorities, I spoke to, and they got very defensive and started telling me they had until the end of October I tried to explain they didn’t and was basically told to go away, the old saying of you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink comes to mind.

I always find it amazing that when it comes down to money and people being forced to do something because of the change in the law and in this case to protect lives and properties they try and find any conceivable reason not to do it, or to get away with it as long as possible, including attacking you for daring to bring it to their attention it seems, and when faced with the inevitable they suddenly wake up and panic!

In the past week, I have started to get phone calls from the very people that I advised over a year ago that basically told me to go away, pleading with me to get people to their properties to install these devices, unfortunately, my answers have been, I can only do what I can do your only giving me less than three weeks I advised you over a year ago, and they are getting angry with me for their inaction!

I try to be proactive with clients, in making them aware of changes that are coming, but they seem to want to believe the search engines, tick-tock, YouTube anything but a competent engineer advising them that these things are coming.

Yet now they are running around trying to do something in three weeks when they had over a year!

As I said before “I will not tell you what you want to hear I will however tell you what you need to hear, as always the choice is yours” be proactive and stress-free or wait to the last minute and run around like headless chickens with all the stress that that imposes and fines that it leaves you open to?

If you want to maintain and future-proof your installations and be proactive and stress-free give us a call.