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Rogue Electricians

Well done N.A.P.I.T, at last somebody is striking a blow for properly qualified electricians, they have successfully prosecuted two rogue electricians who carried out work, some of it lethal and lets be honest Cheap, come on N.I.C.E.I.C where are you?

The works will now have to be ripped out and made safe, costing Thousands of Pounds, and all because the house owners failed to check properly, that the so called electrician was qualified and certified to carry out those type of works.

How much longer will it take, and how many more deaths, before, the Regs become LAW, stopping any further so called grey areas; like the rest of Europe, America and Australia and yes even Scotland, just a few hundred miles up the country, blah blah, wake up Government stop dragging your heals and make electricity safe, people are dieing all around England and Wales.

There are many statutory LAWS that make it legal to carry out testing, but only seem to be enforced once somebody get hurt or dies.

Even the insurance statistics say that over 70% of property in England and Wales needs to be rewired right now, and many insurance companies are now insisting on proper up to date Periodic test certificates before they will re-insure!

The Government keep on saying various things, but like the Cowboys they purport to want to stop , all i see is another set of Bigger COWBOYS, who don’t listen, don’t do, and don’t care, until it affects one of them, so i ask how many more lives and families will be ruined, by the Governments stupidity.

KISS Principle For those in Government ELECTRICITY KILLS, just like gas, see simple really.

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