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Maximum period between testing for a Domestic rented Accomodation

Maximum Period  for a Residential Accommodation (I.e. Rented Property) is at Change of Occupancy / 1 year for routine Check’s re sub-clause 3.5 or a Maximum of 5 Years as laid down in Table 3.2 of page 63 of Guidance note 3
This all depends on the state of the installation and also if the tenancy has changed, and the state the previous tenant left it in?
As a competent tester, it is up to us to assess the state of the installation not have the landlord or the letting agent dictate what they want.
After all, you sign it and you go to prison if you don’t do it properly.
Read the book and the landlords and tenancy act, unfortunately, as qualified engineers, we are not just governed by BS 7671, we also have to be Lawyers.
And as for letting agents saying things like, “my men do 6 a day at £ 45.00 each” and I get proper reports.
If done properly an EICR complete with paperwork can take the whole day, so all those idiots doing it at cut price just to get the remedial works, are out of their minds.
I just finished a 3 bed house near me, 1 board in the house 1 board in the garage ended up at 19 pages long, started at 8am finished the paperwork at 4:30pm 8.5 hours I’m sure we are all going to do it for
£ 45.00.
Oh, and by the way, that was one of the so-called properties the letting agent had got done for £ 45.00, needless to say there so-called cheap testers had missed quite a few things !!!!
When confronted with the new paperwork, their answer was, but the other people said it was satisfactory so it’s not my problem, wrong they can go to prison as well as the landlord; what price is somebodies life,  is all I said, obviously £ 45.00 to get a piece of paper for this company!
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