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Is your property a death trap?

With almost one million people renting out their homes today, private landlords are enjoying the financial rewards, but some overlook legal health and safety requirements that can cost them and their tenants dear.

Unsafe electrics cause around 12,500 house fires, 750 serious injuries and 10 deaths each year. People living in rented properties are most at risk due to heavy wear and tear and tenants carrying out work without informing their landlord.
An accident could be waiting to happen so it’s vital that every landlord has checks carried out by an NICEIC registered electrician to ensure the electrics are maintained in a safe condition.

Private landlords are legally responsible for maintaining and checking electrical installations such as fire alarm systems, wiring, lighting and sockets as well as appliances, such as kettles, televisions, microwaves and washing machines and they can end up in court if a tenant is injured by an unsafe appliance or fitting that they have provided.

Jim Speirs, chief executive of electrical regulatory body NICEIC, said: “NICEIC strongly advises landlords to have thorough, annual checks of both fixed installations and portable appliances on rented property. With 40% of homes in Britain built before 1945, electrical problems are a common occurrence and rented properties are more at risk than owner-occupied homes due to wear and tear. An NICEIC electrician should be the first stop for landlords wanting to make sure properties are safe for their tenants.”

Information courtesy of the NICEIC.

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