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A Quick chat with our MD

We are pleased to announce that our MD Mr. Raphael Magnus IEng MIET, LCGI, NCRQ, MD has completed his NCRQ Managers Safety Certification.

When we spoke to him, he said, Its something I have wanted to do for some time but the constant drain on my time, from managing and working in the business sometime precludes me from being able to carry on self-development at the pace I would like, H&S CPD is a must to maintain safe standards in my personal opinion.

This was a great course, this was H&S CPD designed in bit-sized chunks which allowed me to fit it into my busy schedule, I wish so many other courses were designed like this, it would make owners and managers lives a lot easier.

But as my uncle said to me when I was learning, every day is a learning day, in this industry you never stop learning things evolve new things come onto the market, better tools better accessories better ways to do things, how little did I know at the time how true that was! and health and safety in the workplace is so important be it in offices or your home.

An Electricians life is one of constant learning and updating, and in answer to your question, I have spent over £30,000 on courses over the past 50 years out of my pocket, too constantly improve and learn, and that does not include my time and hundreds of CPD courses, over the years.

If you add all of my own time together of evenings weekends, and weekdays studying as well it’s over 100K, which means I spend over 2k per year just keeping myself up to date, and that does not include what I spend on training my men, that’s a whole other ball game.

This is the side many customers don’t see, they watch us do things quickly in their opinion, but they have no idea how much the tools, the training and the learning costs, the constant updating and studying to be able to do it safely and competently, together with the constant revision and updateing of qualifications cost a lot of money.

This is the reason that we can do things quickly and safely, and why competent Electricians cost money, because of the investment in all the equipment and training we need to be able to do our job safely and competently.

My Uncle used to tell me; We offer three services, but you can only ever have two at any one time… • If you want Fast and Good, it won’t be Cheap. • If you want Good and Cheap, it won’t be Fast. • If you want Fast and Cheap, it won’t be Good.

A colleague on LinkedIn reminded me of this the other day.

Its a traffic light system and having it done correctly will cost money, cheap always cost twice as much in the end.

You asked me if I proud of my achievements, yes and rightly so, as should any competent electrician be, investment in your learning and improving your skill level can never be wrong, the day I stop learning I will give up and retire and I don’t see that happening any time soon.