Our MD is now AQE assessed.

Spark Safe Licence To Practice

SparkSafe LtP

Raphael Magnus IEng MIET, LCGI, NCRQ, AQE, MD is the hands-on Managing Director and owner-operator of a Huntingdon based specialist #electrical inspection and testing business. Raphael’s mission and ethos are neatly summed up in his chosen business brand, Safe-Electric (Nationwide) Ltd. The Safe- Electric team, provide EICR, #PATtesting, #Thermography, #EmergencyLightingandFireAlarm and #inspectionandtesting services to the residential and business community throughout the UK.

Leaning on experience alone is not the Safe-Electric way, although forty-Six years in the business have certainly provided Raphael with a rich vein of experience to tap into when it comes to troubleshooting and sorting electrical problems on behalf of Clients. Distinguishing Safe-Electric’s proposition based on quality, safety, and standards to customers is further achieved with the endorsement of independent third party accreditations.

Customer confidence in good service and technical ability is a priority for Safe-Electric. With that in mind Raphael, chose to add the #SparkSafe Assessed Qualified Electrician (AQE) personal accreditation to the Safe-Electric brand.

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Spark Safe Licensed Practise

SparkSafe AQE is the Safe-Electric way

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