Just five Steps, can make such a difference to peoples lives

Just five Steps!

I woke up this morning, apart from it being my birthday, (7/9/58) and realising so many others in my life are no longer here, and that I was lucky to have the love and support of my family and friends around me.However, running around my head was another crazy thought, for those of you that know me, that’s not unusual.

If 10 of my friends, went out and bought my book in aid of Cancer research, on Kindle, and then asked, 10 friends each also to buy it, that would be 110  people,  that would raise a small amount of money. (Step 1)If those additional 100 People went out and asked 10 of their friends to buy it that would be 1000 people supporting Cancer Research. (Step2)

If those 1000 friends sent it out to 10 more friends, and asked them to buy it, then that would be 10,000 people supporting Cancer research. (Step3)

If that 10,000 people sent it to 10 more friends and ask them to buy it that would be 100,000 people, supporting Cancer research. (Step4)

If that 100,000, sent it to 10 more friends and ask them to buy it, that would be 1 million people supporting Cancer research. (Step Five)

Five steps! Is all it would take if everybody that everyone spoke to went to (http://tinyurl.com/8ecxelk), and bought this book we could raise nearly £1 million in just five steps!

On our own, we are like tiny grains of sand, being pushed around by the might of the ocean, but together we are so much stronger.

Such a difference could be made for (less than the price of a cup of coffee at your favourite vendor).

All it would take is a little effort, amazing, when joined by so many others, we can all make a difference, and it starts by taking that first step!

I hope you will join me, in making a difference to the world around us, maybe it will be us that with our very small individual effort causes finally; the next breakthrough that could save millions of lives in our world, it is so little yet so much when we join together. 🙂

(Step 6) well Just do the Math.

£2.52p, is all it costs, minus kindles cost of publishing, the VAT man, and the Taxman, it doesn’t leave very much, that’s why all of the proceeds are being donated, the rest is taken by others, but still enough to make a huge difference in just five steps.