The Energy Act 2011 EPC Rating.

Energy Efficiency Rating

The Energy Act 2011 paves the way for secondary legislation making it unlawful from April 2018 to rent out a house or business premises that have less than an ā€œEā€ energy efficiency rating.

That would affect approximately 18% of all buildings with Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

Dealing with the cost of statutory compliance, and improving poorly-rated buildings, is a challenge for both landlords and tenants.

What does this have to do with Electrical testing or maintenance you may ask, well if you get caught on the hop and leave it till the last minute then you may no longer have a building or home you can rent.

Let us look at the lighting, ventilation, and A/C within your properties and advise you on a course of Income protection, Carbon emission reduction, and energy efficiency, that in the long run can assist you in getting your infrastructure right before it is too late.

Putting off today what seems to be sometime in the future’s problem can end up being the root cause of your downfall in the Future. Contact us today We are not just about testing we are about future sustainability for all of our clients. Contact