In Short, what do we do, We Provide an MOT for your Electrical Systems and safety systems, to ensure you are safe in your Home, Business or Factory, and you stay insured, most people and companies do not even realise that without a current certificate they have in effect nullified their insurance.

We were recently asked to carry out an E.I.C.R for a small office our cost was £300 the remedial works come to £500 total £800 plus VAT.

Unbeknown to us the customer had also had this carried out by another company and the cost was £150 and the remedial works was £2,800 total cost £2,950, but apparently, they weren’t happy with it; It felt wrong?

The report handed to them by the other company 20 pages, report handed to them by us 47 pages of information with detailed breakdowns as to what they needed to do where why and how.

That is a saving of £2,150.00, they went cheap thinking they would actually save money, fortunately, there was somebody in the company that understood that the report, they had been given was basically a waste of paper, unfortunately, this was over a month past the time they had already paid the other company! An expensive mistake.

They found us via recommendation, they were told up front we are not the cheapest but we are very accurate and very honest and we do not look to get the remedial works, we treat the testing as something completely separate from what may or may not be required, we don’t rush our reports, we take our time and do the job properly.

Don’t just believe what we are saying, loss leaders, cost companies millions every year for work that does not need to be done!

Just look at the reviews we have on our website our aim as a company is to carry out the work properly in a timely manner ethically and at the true cost; if we don’t get the remedial works we don’t need to make up the money that we lost by giving a low price in the 1st place for the testing work, in our experience, there are thousands of companies that have paid double if not triple what they need to companies that go in at ridiculously low prices just to get in the door.

Most people do not even realise that without their current Electrical Test Certificate, Fire Alarm certificate, Emergency light certificate, PAT certificate that is in date, they are not even insured, which includes all certificates for any minor works carried out within the properties.

For peace of mind only use proper competent qualified engineers and companies with a proven track record and check their credentials, but whatever you do don’t go cheap on the testing, this is always the most expensive route in the end.

Call us today for a free estimate on your Electrical Compliance needs and let us take the worry and stress away from you so that you can ensure that your buildings are safe your homes are safe your factories are safe and above all, there is NO get out clause for the insurance companies should anything go wrong.

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